Additional iron tsuba
 of collector interest

This website is being presented as an extension of my interest in displaying my tsuba collection and ultimately interacting with like minded students who appreciate the many and varied aspects of this field. Because opportunity to attend formal shows are limited and since I am not near any active or informed study groups, I seek to open another avenue of communication.

This site is not intended as a marketing venue and no price listings are included. I do occasionally sell or trade, for that is the path every collector follows to upgrade their collection. Toward that end I am pleased to respond to any inquiry of interest having to do with this subject or the items on the Site and are pleased to discuss them: I can be reached at the email address included herein.

As a collector of Japanese swords, I have focused on Keicho-Shinto era blades with an emphasis on KUNIHIRO and the Horikawa school. Meanwhile I developed an interest in early period iron tsuba. Over the years I gradually acquired pieces of relevance while discovering this aspect of collecting personally rewarding to me.

My affiliations in the world of swords and tsuba include membership in the American Branch of the NBTHK, attendance at various shows supported by this organization and traveling to Tokyo in conjunction with the Dai Token Ichi, NBTHK convention and other parallel events.

Each sword guard depicted carries a description outlining whatever verifiably useable information is at my disposal. Comments and narrative reflect my perceptions as a collector. Sometimes provenance or reference accompanies an item, thus becoming a tool for the collector in determining origin or providing authenticity. This extends to certifiable origami, issued by organizations such as the NBTHK; accompaniment serving to provide reliable documentation and is indicated where applicable.

It is my hope to rekindle interest and encourage dialog between fellow collectors whom I seldom see and only occasionally speak with, but who share the same passion for studying early iron Japanese tsuba that I do.